Papa Fral, the Jungle Prince, Reggae, Afro, Rap artist from Mitraglia Rec.

Papa Fral

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Francesco Lautone, also known as Papa Fral, class ‘95, since his youth began to listen to the so-called Black Music, with a particular passion for Jamaican tunes.

During his studies, he took part in several freestyle competitions along with other mature artists, experimenting in Italian, English and then finally in Patois, also known as Broken English.

Improvisations and rhymes have been later recorded and materialized in a large number of singles, most of which have not yet been released and kept extremely classified.

Some of those have been produced by Dr. Cream, at the Dream Studio, like “Ruff” that’s available on Spotify and Digital Stores.

The way of making music of Papa Fral radically changed after he met Puritano and his label Mitraglia Rec., with whom he signed in 2019 a regular artistic management contract. So he started to actively collaborate and acquired a solid method for musical composition and artistic creativity.

Even if still at the beginning of his solo career, his music identity is quite clear yet, strongly influenced by the genres listened in his life, with facets spanning from Dancehall, Afropop and Reggae, but never being able to tie him to a specific genre.

The artist starts his run with a collaboration with Puritano in “Death’s Amore”. Later he publishes several singles like “Hug ‘n Caress” and “Good” with B3nnaz.

In the middle of the pandemic he finally publishes his first album “Jungle Prince” which contains some important names like Anthony B, one of the most important icons in the global Reggae scene.

After a period of silence and artistic growth he gives birth to a new, innovative and different project called “On the Run”, which clearly represent the first mixed-language single of Papa Fral, a feature that will surely be a mark in the coming singles.

Shortly after the previous single he publishes another single, “Downtown”, intended to shake the international Dancehalls with his powerful bass and the mixed language.

With this single Papa Fral is determined to take his place in the international Dancehall scene, fragmented and not really represented since too long.

D3ngue ft. brusco

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